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Weight Converter is a 100% free online tool that enables quick conversion between different weight units including kilograms, grams, milligrams, tons, pounds and ounces. Weight Converter tool is very simple to use. Just select units, set length to convert and click "Convert" button.

Weight determines how heavy an object or quantity of a substance is. A body with more weight is considered heavy. On the other hand, a body of less weight is called light. We can also compare two or more objects and determine which is heavier or lighter. There are two different main measurement systems for weight measuring: The International System of Units (SI) and The Customary Units System(also called U.S. Customary System). The International System of Units (SI) is used universally as a standard for measurements. Kilograms, grams and milligrams are SI measuring units for weight. Ounces, pounds, and tons are Customary Units measuring units for weight.