GUID Generator

GUID Generator is a 100% free online tool that allows you to generate the globally unique identifier(GUID) strings instantly. GUID Generator is useful tool when you need to generate a GUID or multiple GUIDs.

GUID is a unique identification number used in information technology. A GUID is a 128-bit random text string, usually represented as 32 hexadecimal numbers grouped by hyphens. Eg {FECFF44D-6D4A-4BFE-9B75-FF276411988F}. GUIDs are generally used when you will be defining an ID that must be different from an ID that someone else (outside of your control) will be defining. GUIDs are for example also used by software developers to ensure that database records are not duplicated and all data has an ID that is unique across different databases. GUIDs are useful when a unique identifier is needed that has a very low probability of being repeated.