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Character Counter is a 100% free online tool that counts the number of characters, words, sentences and paragraphs you type. You can also paste text instead of typing it. Character Counter is very simple to use. It displays character, word, sentence and paragraph count simultaneously as you type characters. You can also remover characters and counter displays new counts right away.

Character Counter is useful tool in various situations. Specially when you are writing for something that has a character minimum or maximum limit. Software developers needs sometimes to test these limits on software they are developing. Developers must then know the exact number of characters of the text to be tested against these limits. Character Counter is useful tool also when you are writing a tweet on Twitter or writing a post on Facebook. There are limits for text messages (SMS) lenght too. Students sometimes need to know the number of letters, words, sentences or paragraphs they have written to meet the length requirements set for their writing. There are almost countless amount of situations where counting letters is necessary in order to achieve your goals.